In The News

From time to time our work is featured in the media.  Below are links to some recent stories. (Note that I only started keeping track of these recently (Aug. 2013), so, for the moment, these don’t go back very far).

Jul. 2018 – CBC did a brief segment on our first forensic science summer camp (@16:35)

Jan. 2018 – South Coast Today published a story on the annual “Salute to Sable Island” event at White Point Lodge, of which we were a part.

Dec. 2017 – We have done some work for The Curse of Oak Island show.

Oct. 2017 – There was a special meeting on North Atlantic right whales, which we hosted here, that was held in place of the annual North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium. This was covered by the Chronicle Herald, CBC, CTV, and the National Post.

Jan. 2016 – CBCs The Nature of Things episode on the St. Lawrence beluga includes information mostly on our collaborators on this project, but includes a bit on the lab.

Aug. 2015 – Global News video – 2015 Marine Mammal Summer Camp (the segment on our camp starts at ~8:00)

Dec. 2014 – CBC Information Morning interview on Sable Island horses (only a small summary is available)

Sep. 2014 – CBC Quarks and Quarks segment on walrus work

Oct. 2013 – Weather Network story on studying white-nose syndrome in bats

Aug. 2013 – Chronicle Herald story on finding the right whale mating ground

Aug. 2013 – CBC video – Right whale mating grounds found?

Aug. 2013 – Global News video – Marine mammal summer camp 2013

Aug. 2013 – Vancouver Sun – Whale killing grounds spill their secrets

(Same story also in the Times Colonist)