Current and past lab members

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Residents                                                    1194983736860056937orca_matthew_gates_r.svg.thumb

Tim Frasier          Brenna McLeod

Transients                                                     1194983736860056937orca_matthew_gates_r.svg.thumb

Ph.D. Candidates

Joana Augusto

M.Sc. Candidates

Suchinta Arif

Undergraduate Honours Students

Rebecca Robertson


Offshores (past lab members)              1194983736860056937orca_matthew_gates_r.svg.thumb

Lynne Burns (Ph.D.) – Defended July 2014

Stephanie Béland (M.Sc. and undergraduate honours) – Defended August 2014

Laura Johnson (M.Sc.) – Defended April 2014

Krista Arseneault (M.Sc. and undergraduate honours) – Defended December 2013

Ben Perriman – Undergraduate honours – 2013/2014

Carolyn Kachuk (Undergraduate honours) – 2013/2014

Wilfried Bezlin (Undergraduate honours) – 2012/2013

Katelyn Cherwonic (Undergraduate honours) – 2012/2013

Andrea Uzans (Undergraduate honours) – 2012/2013

Tria Clare (Undergraduate honours) – 2010/2011

Anna D’Intino (Undergraduate honours) – 2010/2011